Download an entire S3 bucket

You can download a S3 Bucket using AWS CLI, first of all install it using the pip. When the installation is completed run aws configure to setup the credentials You will be asked to enter the Key ID and Access […]

Run Celery as a daemon with supervisor

First you need to install supervisor. sudo apt-get install supervisor Then you’ll need to create the config file: sudo nao /etc/supervisor/conf.d/celery.conf And copy these settings: [program:celery] directory = /home/YOUR_PROJECT/ command = /home/YOUR_PROJECT/venv/bin/celery -A config worker –loglevel=info autostart = true venv […]

Install Jenkins on Ubuntu 18

Create a VPS on Digitalocean, AWS or wherever you want. Since it’s a new machine we want to update the repositories: sudo apt-get update Jenkins runs on Java 8, so now we are going to install it: sudo apt-get install […]

Setup a EC2 instance on AWS

We are going to create a Ubuntu instance on Amazon Web Services.After creating an account select the “EC2” product and on the dashboard click on “Launch Instance“. This screen will list all the operating systems. Select Ubuntu Server 18.04 Now […]

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